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MCA Relief was established in 2022 in partnership with a prominent NY Law Firm known for its 20-year experience in representing small businesses. Our uniquely tailored plans are executed in collaboration with this affiliate partner, which has a long history of assisting clients facing financial hardships, particularly in dealing with Merchant Cash Advances (MCA’s).
Recognizing the evolving economic landscape, we observed a growing need for businesses to secure immediate funding to survive, and the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) emerged as a valuable resource for various types of businesses. Initially, the idea of financing based on a company’s receivables seemed like a sensible and short-term solution. However, it became evident that MCAs did not fully alleviate the financial struggles faced by businesses; instead, they often exacerbated the problem, making debt repayment a challenge.
In many cases, businesses found themselves stuck in a cycle of seeking additional funding from MCAs to address their ongoing financial issues. To break this cycle, MCA Relief offers a different approach. Leveraging our strong relationships with funders and extensive expertise in debt restructuring, we have achieved remarkable success in helping companies restructure their financial obligations and attain financial stability.

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Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your MCA positions, examining the terms and conditions of your agreements, payments already made and the current cash flow of your business

Debt Settlements

We understand the challenges associated with debt and offer professional assistance in negotiating and settling debts. Our experienced team works closely with creditors to reach favorable settlements that can help alleviate financial burdens and pave the way towards debt recovery.

Debt Restructuring

For businesses and individuals facing overwhelming debt, we provide debt restructuring services to help reorganize and manage existing debt obligations. Our expert advisors analyze your financial situation and develop customized restructuring plans to provide relief and create a more sustainable financial future.

Debt Relief

MCA Relief is here to provide you with the ultimate solution to your financial woes.Our comprehensive MCA Debt Relief program is designed to help struggling businesses like yours regain control of their finances and pave the way to a brighter future.

Relief Service

In today’s competitive business landscape, many entrepreneurs rely on merchant cash advances (MCAs) to secure fast capital. However, unforeseen circumstances or financial constraints can make it challenging to repay these cash advances on time.

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Why Choose MCA Relief

Our teams’ over thirty-five years of capital markets expertise and experience in all areas of debt are second to none in the marketplace. Our competitive advantage is we put together a stellar financial team and a go to legal team. We don’t look to resolve the problems for the moment, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients regain financial control and build a solid foundation for the long term growth and stability of their business.
Our experience and expertise take control of maintaining your debt and makes sure you can sustain the repayments as you regain control of your business.

Our teams years of experience in multiple areas of finance, accounting as well as lawyers

Not only can we help restructure your debt, we can guide you under our proprietary debt management system to find immediate solutions as well as guide you to maintain financial health and growth into the future and beyond.

We have a legal team that can help resolve your companies legal issues and lawsuits related to the businesses financial debts. We have all under one roof.

We can help you acquire a better resource of financing for long term financial solutions as well as mezzanine solutions

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